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Jeff Nicksic
Project Designer

As a father of two who still makes time to play guitar, surf, camp and craft with power tools, Jeff sees himself and his design driven by functionality, balanced proportions and clean details with moments of excitement that are adapted to fit each individual situation. With 20 years' experience, Jeff has devised, conceptualized and designed more than 25 high-end restaurants and bars - many of which were featured in top design publications.

In both hospitality and residential, Jeff wows clients with thoughtful design and creativity. For the past two years in his role as project designer/manager at Robinson Brown, he has led projects from conception to splendor, taking pride in his ability to understand a client's design aesthetic and find unique solutions that satisfy specialized needs and desires.

Prior to joining Robinson Brown, Jeff lived in San Francisco working as a senior interior/architectural designer for some of the top acclaimed design firms in the city, most notably the Puccini Group. Specializing in high-end hospitality, custom residential, commercial and lighting design, he sees his passion for "How To" books as more of a job enhancement than a hobby.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Indiana University.

Robinson Brown Design Inc. - Interior Design San Diego - Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts, Residential and Commercial